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Equestrian in Mediterranean Games probably cancelled

It is very likely that equestrian sport will not be held in this year's Mediterranean Games in Mersin.


Equestrian sport is scheduled to be held in Adana region, the port of which is called Mersin, but quarantine problems for horses (must remain for 40 days after the competition at Adana and then leave) forced the Organizing Committee of the Mediterranean Games to order the move of the sport to Instanbul, which finally doesn’t seem very possible.

So there is a great chance either the sport to be cancelled or to take place only with the countries of the East. Nevertheless, the Greek Equestrian Federation announced the team that will take place, if the competition should take place. Zeta Founta should have been at the team if the Games were to take place in Instanbul. The team will be as follows: 

  • Yiannis Skandalis with Nabab Landelles
  • Gregory Voglis with Quetcha de Chenee
  • Monica Martini with Cleopatra VI
  • Stelios Stavroulakis with Alerion 




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